Not Just a home cinema.
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MAG Theatron.
The Son of MAG Cinema

MAG Theatron offers the next level of professional cinema solutions specifically designed for compact spaces, also known as “home theatres”. Designed as a matched set, these top-of-the-line home cinema speakers provide smooth channel transition and perfect positioning.

Following the philosophy of always delivering the very best cinema sound experience for every patron, MAG Theatron just couldn’t have left home cinema enthusiasts out of the loop.

Leveraging award-winning technologies and vast experience in commercial cinema sound installations around the world, MAG has developed a powerful speaker line for home cinema sound to recreate the same engagement one finds at large movie theaters.

Deluxe Home Cinema In Sauerland


MAG Theatron Performance Series Group


Theatron Expierence Series
MAG Theatron M12-C front


MAG Theatron SB21 front


MAG Theatron S4


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MAG Theatron debut in India

MAG Theatron debut in India

MAG Theatron will make its global debut in India at the Smart Home Expo 2024, which will be held from May 2 to May 4, 2024, at the Jio World Convention Centre

M15 – new set of screen speakers

M15 – new set of screen speakers

We are proud to introduce the culmination of our engineer’s efforts, the new flagship of the Performance Series, a 3-way perfectly matched screen system: MAG Theatron M15 L | C | R

MAG Theatron HAMMER-15

MAG Theatron HAMMER-15

MAG Theatron HAMMER-15 – uses a specially shaped box with a volume of 90 liters, has a depth of only 12 inches, which helps covert installation, including behind the screen.

MAG Theatron a Member of CEDIA!

MAG Theatron a Member of CEDIA!

MAG Theatron, the Ukrainian trailblazer for “cinema at home” solutions, proudly announces its newest milestone as an official member of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA)

Demo Cinema room in Germany

Demo Cinema room in Germany

MAG Theatron demo home cinema auditorium in Germany is in full swing. The full project is carried out by MAG Theatron’s European partner and

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