Despite the approaching New Year holidays, the preparation of a truly astonishing MAG Theatron demo home cinema auditorium is in full swing. The full project is carried out by MAG Theatron’s European partner and, in their new office space, located along the North Sea coast in the lands of Lower Saxony, in the municipality of Wurster Nordseekueste (a little north of Bremen and west of Hamburg).

The project is promising to be loud in every aspect! The dimensions of the room are 5.50m x 10.50m x 3.0m. This will be the full 13.1.10 format specification including Dolby Atmos, Auro3D, DTS-X, and IMAX enhanced. A solid set of acoustics MAG Theatron is used, including 3 x M12, 10 x S8, 10 x CS44, 8 x DB18 Sub, as well as the one and only MAG THOR-24. The screen will be a 4.20m wide Stewart screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a Barco Freya RGB Laser projector.

The acoustic treatment of the property is currently in progress and the completion of the project is scheduled for January-February. We at MAG are extremely eager to measure and test the sound of this home cinema experience on our professional MAG Theatron speakers. Once the project has been completed, we would also like to invite everyone to come and enjoy and listen to the fantastic result.

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