Home Theatre Duren


Home Cinema Dueren

When they started building this house a few years ago, it was already clear that the space in the basement would be reserved for a home theater. After 3 years of construction, the customer’s dream came true. The 600 cm x 455 cm x 240 cm cinema was created exactly according to the customer’s wishes with two rows of seats for the whole family and a very dynamic cinema sound thanks to the MAG Theatron speaker systems.

7.1.4 setup for Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X:

✔️  3 x MAG Theatron M12 – screen speakers
✔️  4 x MAG Theatron S6 – surround speakers
✔️  4 x MAG Theatron CS44 – ceiling speakers

This Cinema project was realized with MAG Theatron speaker systems in collaboration with our partners at Grobi.tv Heimkino & Mehr and Holger Franz from the company Heimkinobau.de