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Dillingen-an-der-Donau is a small town in Bavaria, Germany, located on the Danube River. Its population is only about 18 000 inhabitants. But country life is not an obstacle for true lovers of cinema art, says Tobias, who ordered a turnkey cinema for his new home from our partners Heimkinobau.de and Grobi.tv.

The cinema has an area of 30 sq.m. and is built using the 7.1.6 immersive format using MAG Theatron Performance series speakers. 3 x MAG Theatron M12 were chosen as screen speakers, 4 x S6 for surround speakers and 6 x CS44 – as Auro-3D ceiling speakers. The cinema uses a 320 cm wide Xodiac with a 16:9 format and can accommodate up to six spectators.

This theater has an unusual feature: behind its rear wall there is an acoustically treated rehearsal room with musical instruments and equipment. Tobias likes to jam with his friends, so to pursue both of his hobbies, he dedicated a 6-meter-long room to the cinema and 4 meters to the musical study out of the 10 m available.