DSP amplifiers

TDC-series is a high-end home cinema amplifiers with intuitive controls and simple installation. They offer two channels of 1600W or 3200W into 4 Ohm and are equipped with balanced and unbalanced inputs and balanced outputs for quick linking. The amplifier is easily accessed with userfriendly Web UI, giving total control over room EQ, channel delay, channel volume, status monitoring as well as other functions.

MAG Theatron TDC-Series DSP Amplifiers:

MAG Theatron TDC-Series DSP Amplifiers: Power, Precision, and Ease of Use

High-End Performance for Home Cinema
MAG Theatron’s TDC-series represents the pinnacle of home cinema amplification. These high-end DSP amplifiers deliver exceptional audio performance with options of two channels of 1600W or 3200W into 4 Ohm. They are designed to power your home cinema experience, ensuring that every sound is rendered with clarity and precision.

Intuitive Controls and Simple Installation
The TDC-series amplifiers are renowned for their user-friendly interface and easy installation process. This approachable design allows for quick setup and effortless integration into your home cinema system, making them ideal for both audio enthusiasts and professionals.

Flexible Connectivity Options
Equipped with both balanced and unbalanced inputs, along with balanced outputs for quick linking, these amplifiers offer versatile connectivity options. This flexibility ensures that they can seamlessly integrate with a variety of audio systems and setups.

Advanced Web UI for Total Control
One of the standout features of the TDC-series is the accessible and intuitive Web UI. This user-friendly interface provides complete control over crucial audio settings such as room EQ, channel delay, and channel volume. It also enables easy monitoring of the amplifier’s status and other functions, putting total control at your fingertips.

Optimized for Room Acoustics
With the ability to fine-tune room EQ and channel settings, these amplifiers are adept at optimizing sound for any room acoustics. This customization ensures that you get the best possible audio experience tailored to your specific environment.

Robust and Reliable Design
As with all MAG Theatron products, the TDC-series amplifiers are built to last. Their robust construction guarantees reliability and durability, ensuring that your investment continues to deliver top-notch performance for years to come.

Support and Warranty
Our commitment to your satisfaction is reflected in our comprehensive customer support and warranty for the TDC-series. We ensure that you have all the assistance you need to enjoy your MAG Theatron DSP amplifiers to the fullest.