MAG Theatron’s unique screen speaker arrays are based on powerful professional-grade long-excursion woofers and ultra-low distortion HF drivers. Each triad set is carefully hand-picked to ensure all speakers have a matched response. This seamless screen audio array creates a unified experience across the entire frontal cinema area.

MAG Theatron Screem Series

MAG Theatron Screen Speakers: Bringing Cinematic Sound to Your Home

Unmatched Audio Quality
Experience the rich, powerful immersive sound with MAG Theatron’s screen speakers, engineered for home cinema enthusiasts. Our speakers are designed to deliver crystal-clear audio, ensuring you catch every detail, from the subtlest whisper to the most intense action scenes.

Seamless Integration
MAG Theatron screen speakers are ingeniously designed to reside discreetly behind your cinema screen. This placement is classic for large public cinemas and ensures that the speakers do not interfere with the visual aesthetics of your home cinema space. Despite their concealed position, they deliver a powerful and clear sound, proving that great things indeed come in unseen packages. Their compact design also means they take up minimal space, making them perfect for any home cinema configuration, regardless of room size.

Advanced Technology
Each speaker is a testament to technological innovation, featuring advanced components that elevate your home cinema experience. Enjoy dynamic range, deep bass, and an audio experience that truly resonates with the spirit of the movie.

Customizable Options
Understanding that each home cinema is unique, we offer customizable options. Choose from a range of sizes and specifications to perfectly match your home cinema needs.

Durability and Reliability
MAG Theatron is synonymous with quality and reliability. Our screen speakers are built to last, ensuring that your home cinema investment continues to deliver exceptional performance year after year.

Customer Support and Warranty
Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end at purchase. We provide comprehensive customer support and a robust 5+1 years warranty, ensuring peace of mind with your MAG Theatron screen speakers.