MAG Theatron’s unique screen speaker arrays are based on powerful professional-grade long-excursion woofers and ultra-low distortion HF drivers. Each triad set is carefully hand-picked to ensure all speakers have a matched response. This seamless screen audio array creates a unified experience across the entire frontal cinema area.

In order to hide the speakers in your home theater, you need to consider special screen speakers that are placed behind. This solution will help you make the design of the room more minimalistic, without visible large speakers.

Speakers behind the screen for home theater

Behind the screen home theater speakers are a unique solution designed to be integrated behind the screen of your movie projector or TV. This allows you to enjoy amazing sound without taking up extra space in the room.

Benefits of MAG Theatron Behind Screen Speakers:

  • Sound Perfection: our speakers deliver accurate and clear sound at all frequencies, allowing you to hear every nuance of the sounds being played.
  • Aesthetics and elegance: The speakers integrated into the screen not only provide amazing sound, but also do not disturb the harmony of your interior.
  • Ease of installation: our speakers integrate seamlessly, minimizing the need for additional spatial adaptations.

MAG Theatron is not only a brand, but also a guarantee of a unique sound experience. Our behind the screen cinema speakers combine cutting-edge technology and a passion for sound quality to ensure that every sound in your home theater is played to the highest note.