surround speakers

MAG Theatron’s Surround Speakers redefine home theater aesthetics with their exceptionally small visual footprint. Designed to be minimally intrusive, they sit close to the walls, blending into your space without sacrificing audio quality. This design makes them ideal for any room size, ensuring a sleek and unobtrusive presence. Their tilted-down coverage allows for optimal room coverage.

MAG Theatron Surround Series

MAG Theatron Surround Speakers: Powerful Sound, Innovative Compact Design


Optimized Sound Coverage
Our Surround Speakers are not just about saving space; they are acoustically optimized for the best listening experience. With a downward tilt in their design, they provide optimal room coverage, ensuring that every corner of your space is enveloped in rich, immersive sound. This unique feature allows for a more uniform sound distribution, enhancing your audio experience in every part of the room.

High-Quality Audio Performance
Despite their compact size, these speakers deliver powerful and detailed sound. Equipped with advanced audio technology, they provide a clear, dynamic, and well-balanced audio profile, perfect for movies, music, and gaming.

Seamless Integration with Home Theater Systems
Designed to complement and integrate effortlessly with your existing MAG Theatron home theater system, these surround speakers work in harmony with other components. This integration ensures a cohesive sound experience that elevates your home cinema to professional levels.

Durability and Longevity
Built with the quality and durability MAG Theatron is known for, these Surround Speakers are designed to last. They are a sound investment, ensuring years of excellent performance and enjoyment.

Expert Support and Warranty
Our commitment extends beyond just providing high-quality products. We offer dedicated customer support and a comprehensive warranty for our Surround Speakers, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction.