THEATRON surrounds

MAG Theatron Surround Speakers have a very small visual footprint with minimal distance away from the wall. Their tilted-down coverage allows for optimal room coverage.

Surround speakers are a key element in a home theater that creates a surround sound effect. They are designed to faithfully reproduce sound effects by distributing sounds throughout the room and surrounding you with them. So you are at the center of the action.

How does surround sound work?

By properly placing multiple home theater surround speakers within a room, you can create an ambience that will completely immerse you in what’s happening on screen. Thanks to the latest spatial audio technology, our speakers reproduce the exact location of sounds as accurately as possible.

Benefits of surround speakers from MAG Theatron:

  • Creating an atmosphere: let yourself be immersed in the world of surround sound film that captures every corner of your room.
  • Technical Accuracy: Our surround speakers provide the high fidelity and detail of the sound, with an emphasis on positioning, which is important for true connoisseurs.
  • Compatibility: we offer models that are easy to integrate with your existing audio system and equipment. Also, they work great in combination with our other devices.

Benefits of surround speakers for home theater

Surround sound in home theater doesn’t just enhance the audio experience, it transforms it. It allows you to literally plunge into the world of cinema, whether it’s the roar of an explosion, the whisper of the wind, or the laughter of friends on the screen. This level of engagement makes watching movies, playing games, and listening to music more intense and memorable. It’s not just a sound enhancement, it’s ambiance and putting you right in the middle of the action – that’s exactly what your MAG Theatron surround sound home theater can be.