MAG Cinema Hammer-15 Cover Black

The dramatic importance of the subwoofer in a cinematic environment cannot be underestimated. Unlike listening to music, where infra-low frequencies (ILF) are rare, cinematic special effects would literally have to shake the air to physically get through to you, bringing the scale of the overall spectacle from the screen.

For the deepest immersion in the sub- and infra-bass range, MAG Cinema designed its legendary THOR, which has practically become the standard for the reproduction of low-frequency cinema effects down to 18 Hz with unsurpassed sound pressure. But for all its undoubted advantages, the MAG THOR has dimensions that are not always compatible with the home theater format. That’s why we’ve done our research to give home theatre fanatics the same incredible experience in more compact spaces.

MAG Theatron Hanmer-15 front

This is exactly how the MAG Theatron Hammer-15 was born. Its specially shaped housing, with a capacity of 90 liters, and a depth of only 12 inches, easily allows for a slick installation, even behind the screen. This subwoofer features a custom-designed, professional 15-inch woofer that delivers extremely high sound pressure levels with minimal distortion at the lowest frequencies.

The lightweight yet rigid multi-layer speaker cone offers the very highest level of performance. The 4″ high-temperature voice coil provides minimal dynamic compression. An Nd-Ferrite hybrid magnet system with aluminum closed rings is used to stabilize the inductance and minimize distortion.

The body of the Hammer-15 subwoofer has a slim depth, which truly offers flexible installation options. Internal struts significantly increase the rigidity of the box and eliminate the risk of unpleasant resonances. The large-area bass-reflex port prevents turbulence noise, even at maximum SPL output levels.

The technical characteristics are particularly promising. With a power of 1000 W and a max SPL of 128 dB, the Hammer can deliver what most subwoofers (up to 21″ models) in its class cannot. At a frequency of 20 Hz, the SPL level is 119 dB. This means that the specified range from 18 Hz is not a formality (as is often the case with other manufacturers) but is also reproducible and with a high sound pressure level. This could be the deciding factor for those who want to hear everything exactly as it was intended when mixing the soundtracks of top blockbusters in Hollywood studios.

The MAG Theatron Hammer-15 will be available for shipping in April 2023, which means that you can already incorporate this new subwoofer into your upcoming projects to enjoy its top-notch performance very soon. We are very excited about your responses to assess the interest of the market, pre-orders are welcome!

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