Atmos Theatron Cinema at Raffls Tyrol Hotel


Schauburg Cimena in Karlsruhe
The Austrian Alps are well known to be one of Europe‘s most picturesque and stunning regions. This area is popular amongst tourists and visitors from all over the world. The Alps offer a diversity of natural wealth, all year around sports opportunities and so much more including a wide selection of cozy & traditional hotels.

The award-winning and gorgeous Raffl’s Tyrol Hotel in St. Anton am Arlberg – was recently outfitted with one of the area’s most unique and ultra-modern entertainment amenities – is definitely one of these.

During the recent reconstruction, the hotel owner decided to convert one of the banquet rooms into a cinema. And not just an ordinary cinema, but one outfitted with a state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos immersive sound system. 

The acoustics of the Ukrainian renowned loudspeaker manufacturer MAG Theatron were chosen based on several important criteria, such as the size of the hall combined with the high requirements for sound quality.

The primary side and rear surrounds installed are the MAG Theatron M12 along with two powerful 21” MAG SUB21 subwoofers and one center channel MAG M12 hidden behind a 4-meter Stewart screen. MAG’s S6 satellites in combination with low-profile MN Mounting Solutions brackets are installed on the upper wall level and overhead.

For the rigging of the MAG M12s, a rather unusual Trilite truss system has been used. This system is rigidly attached to the load-bearing concrete blocks above the decorative ceiling, which also allows for maximum mechanical and acoustic separation from the floor.

The cinema sound system is built according to a 7.1.8 design. 3 x MAG Theatron Performance M12 is used as front speakers, and 12 x MAG Theatron S6 compact speakers are used as side & upper surrounds.

From start to finish it took about 3 months to complete the entire project. The home cinema has a 3.5-meter wide Xodiac screen with a 21:9 ratio and is equipped with 8 luxury seats for the viewers. Some authenticity was created by adding electric sliding curtains, which are reminiscent of the same classic Schauburg.

Some special attention was also dedicated to the acoustic treatment of the room. All the speakers are installed invisible to the viewers, which adds to the authentic feel and truly creates a perfect immersive cinema space.