Deluxe Home Cinema in Sauerland (Germany)


Schauburg Cimena in Karlsruhe

This top-notch MAG Theatron Performance 7.1.8 project was created for a private home. The customer’s wish list included the largest possible screen, two rows of seats including a large sofa, individual leather recliners, and of course an outstanding high-performance cinema sound system with all the latest technologies. All the best to enjoy a lot of cozy movie nights.

The client took the opportunity to compare different concepts and speaker manufacturers at the demo room of Heimkino & mehr, MAG’s highly valued German partner, who is responsible for this project. After a series of auditions, the system of choice became the MAG Theatron Performance series.

Holding the genes of large cinemas, this set offered the most vivid impressions:

 “Everything sounds extremely impressive. Whether it’s a piano crescendo or a bomb explosion – truly every scene sounds as clear as it can be and evokes physical sensations. Compared to this system, the reproduction of typical Hi-Fi speakers seems almost bloodless.”

MAG Theatron’s level of authenticity, dynamics, and sound clarity without distortion even not at the highest volumes, was exactly what this customer was looking for. The speakers of choice are seven MAG Theatron M12 speakers on the lower level and eight MAG Theatron S6 speakers on the upper level.

Holger Franz’s designers were able to design the perfect location for all the 3D sound formats: Auro 3D, DTS-X, and Dolby Atmos. In a room of about 40 sq.m, measurements confirmed the system was capable of over 120 dB of sound pressure without distortion.

Holger Franz and his team ( who have implemented more than 200 home theater projects, made the following conclusions after successfully completing the installation and settings:

“My expectations are exceeded! The brutal and at the same time light sound, the dynamics, the precision, everything here is palpable, enveloping, powerful, and extremely well-played.”

The client was much more concise:

 “A dream has come true!”