MAG Theatron Technologies

Custom Designed Components

All the transducer components are exclusively developed by our in-house R&D department and ultimately produced by the world’s most renowned manufacturers.

AAT – Air Absorption Technology | Cooper Rings

Our High-Frequency drivers are designed to deliver a perfect reproduction of speech frequency including a specifically designed absorption ring insert for magnet system.

The copper rings of the High-frequency drivers allow to lower the distortions which helps to achieve unparalleled clarity and intelligibility.

Aluminum Inserts

The aluminum inserts in the magnetic system dramatically reduce the distortion while also improving the cooling off of the voice coil which significantly increases the reliability.

Distortion reduction advantage

These graphs illustrate the dramatic differences in the ‘distortion reduction’ by using the aluminum rings and copper caps, which also results in a crystal clear and highly intelligible sound.

Voice Coil Triple Cooling

MAG Theatron outermost reliability is ensured by an advanced voice coil cooling through the holes in the frame, bottom flange, and yoke.

Double And Triple Spiders

Less wear and tear is guaranteed because of the double and triple sandwich lower suspension featuring a silicone treatment.

Armored Cones And Dust Caps

The moving system features a carbon and glass fiber reinforcement which results in less weight. It provides better durability and rigid piston action.

Screen Speakers

Specially designed left and right speakers offer an asymmetric directivity, which allows to put them as close to the wall as possible and preserve the optimal coverage on the listening point while preventing reflections from walls.

Each triad set is carefully handpicked to ensure all speakers have a matched response. This seamless screen audio array creates a uniform experience across the whole frontal cinema area.


The Theatron Surround speakers have a very small visual footprint with minimal clearance from the wall. Their tilted-down coverage allows for optimal room coverage. The HF horn with Coverage Control technology beams down directly to the listening position without tilting the speaker. Reversed horn and woofer position allows for smooth coupling and even coverage throughout the room.

Double Bass Array

The double bass array arrangement involves using a subwoofer on the front and rear walls of the room and creates smooth low-frequency coverage throughout the space by compensating for the front-to-back standing waves.

DBA subwoofers are made following the sealed box architecture. This provides for smooth bottom-end roll-off for the most pleasant and natural listening experience.