Inspiration from Schauburg Cinema in Gaggenau


Schauburg Cimena in Karlsruhe

It’s time to show off another outstanding home cinema project realized with MAG Theatron speaker systems in collaboration with our partners at Heimkino & mehr and Holger Franz from the company

This time it is a gorgeous private residence in the small town of Gaggenau in West Germany. Very interesting to note is that at the time of commissioning this MAG Theatron home cinema, the home itself was not finished yet. However, the homeowner was already inviting friends to watch movies. It seems to us that the priorities are clear: cinema comes first!

For this project, it is also worth noting that the client took his inspiration from the large cinema Schauburg in Karlsruhe (about 32 km north of Gaggenau) and wanted to recreate the atmosphere of his favorite cinema from his childhood. And this dream has definitely come true!

Naturally, to convey the entire emotional spectrum and experience of a real large cinema, there are no sound systems available that are better than the MAG Theatron. Without any doubt, the choice for MAG was made without a slight hesitation!

The cinema sound system is built according to a 7.1.8 design. 3 x MAG Theatron Performance M12 is used as front speakers, and 12 x S6 compact speakers are used as side & upper surrounds.

From start to finish it took about 3 months to complete the entire project. The home cinema has a 3.5-meter wide Xodiac screen with a 21:9 ratio and is equipped with 8 luxury seats for the viewers. Some authenticity was created by adding electric sliding curtains, which are reminiscent of the same classic Schauburg.

Some special attention was also dedicated to the acoustic treatment of the room. All the speakers are installed invisible to the viewers, which adds to the authentic feel and truly creates a perfect immersive cinema space.