Over 15 years ago we started manufacturing professional speakers, and about 10 years ago we submerged ourselves into the world of commercial cinema, achieving tremendous success. Our speakers are found at stadiums and concert halls, and our equipment works at more than 5000 cinema halls including Dolby Atmos and Sphera. This vast experience couldn’t remain the exclusive privilege for professionals and specialized halls, so we have decided to bring it to your homes. This is how MAG Theatron is born.

The main idea is not to create another “Home cinema”. It is to create a real cinema inside your home. We dismissed the path of many famous manufacturers, which is to place common Hi-Fi speakers around the room lacking the ability to reproduce the dynamics and energy of a real cinema. With the experience of the world’s best cinema behind our backs, we set our feet to optimize already existing MAG Cinema speakers for home cinema applications.

We have nurtured this idea for many years. We spent time adapting professional speakers to fit necessary sizes and specifications, worked on the design, created model ranges, tried, listened, and submitted for testing to Western partners, and received excited reviews. And so the first public appearance of MAG Theatron took place at HIGH END 2022 Munich (official).

We are extremely grateful to our German partners from grobi.tv. They believed in us and started promoting us in the European market. They were our first listeners and experts and helped to find the right vector. In the end, it was they who organized the participation in High End 2022 international exhibition in Munich, not only equipping the stand but building the real demo cinema entirely on MAG Theatron. And by the way, the queue to enter the demo room lasted through the entire exhibition! More detail – soon.

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