MAG Theatron M12-C

Center Main Speaker

M12-C is a center speaker for MAG Theatron PERFORMANCE main screen array. It is based on a long-excursion woofer and an HF driver with extremely low distortion. With horn coverage being horizontally symmetrical, M12-C is matched perfectly with M12-L and M12-R.


  • Components: 12″/1″
  • Frequency response: 41 – 22000 Hz
  • Max continuous SPL: 121,5 dB
  • Power rating: 300 W
Technical Data

M12 series represents a whole new way to deliver sound into a home theater. Versions designed for left, right and center channels have the optimal coverage to put the sound right where it belongs.

M12-L and M12-R have their sound axis panned to the left and right respectively, allowing to aim the sound right to the listening position without rotating the speaker.

Every M12 system is equipped with a powerful 12” long-excursion woofer and a precision HF driver with extremely low levels of distortion.

Frequency response (±3 dB), Hz 50 – 20000
Frequency range (-10 dB), Hz
41 – 22000
Max continuous SPL, dB 121,5
Sensitivity (1W/1m, half-space), dB 97
High-frequency driver 1-inch (1,75-inch voice coil) titanium dome
Low/Mid frequency woofer 12-inch (2,5-inch voice coil)
Coverage 90° H x 50° V Coverage Control HF-horn horizontal axis panned straight
Nominal impedance, Ohm 4
Power rating, W 300
Connectors Phoenix terminals
Dimension (W x H x D), mm 565 x 840 х 250
Net weight, kg 32,2