MAG Theatron DBA18

Double Bass Array

DBA18 is a speaker specially created for double bass array setup for unprecedented home cinema sound performance.


  • Components: 18″
  • Frequency range: 24 – 300 Hz
  • Max continuous SPL: 119,5 dB
  • Power rating: 600 W
Technical Data

DBA18 is a speaker specially created for double bass array setup for home cinema's unprecedented sound performance. A tailored 18-inch woofer features low distortion and outstanding sensitivity, bringing the immersive effect to the next level.

These subwoofers were created exclusively for Double Bass Array home cinema setup to deliver unprecedented immersion and smooth frequency throughout the entire listening area.

Double Bass Array involves using a subwoofer on the front and the back wall of the room, and actively eliminating standing waves. This allows delivering an even frequency response at the listening

DBA subwoofers are made following the sealed box architecture. This provides for smooth bottom-end roll-off for the most pleasant and natural listening experience.

Frequency response (±3 dB), Hz 30 – 150
Frequency response (–10 dB), Hz 24 – 300
Max continuous SPL, dB 119,5
Sensitivity (1W/1m, half-space), dB 92
Low frequency woofer 18-inch (4-inch voice coil) ridged glass-fiber
reinforced enclosure
Nominal impedance, Ohm 8
Power rating, W 600
Mounting 4 x M5 points for floor mounting
Connectors Phoenix terminals
Dimension (W x H x D), mm 700 x 840 х 395
Net weight, kg 46