Ultimate Cinema Subwoofer

MAG Cinema’s THOR-24 is renowned as the most advanced subwoofer in the world for movie theaters. The TheaTHOR-24 is a reimagining of the legendary sub as a model for home theaters, meeting the demands of enthusiasts who require unparalleled reproduction of the lowest frequencies, down to the infrasonic range that produces visceral effects.

With a range of 16 to 140 Hz and a maximum sound pressure level of 134 dB, TheaTHOR reproduces cinema track features beyond the capabilities of conventional subwoofers.


  • Components: 24″
  • Frequency range: 16 – 140 Hz
  • Max continuous SPL: 134 dB
  • Power rating: 2000 W
Technical Data

Reclaim the ultimate in-home cinema subwoofers with the THEATHOR-24. Unveiling cinema infra-sub features surpassing the capabilities of standard subwoofers, it boasts a custom-built 24” woofer with remarkable linear movement.

Leveraging ingenious acoustic design, the THEATHOR-24 pushes the performance envelope with its tremendous impactful blast, accurate articulation, and immense power.

Designed for seamless integration, the THEATHOR-24 is exceptionally slim to fit snugly behind the screen, with the option for direct wall mounting using shock-absorbing brackets.

Frequency response (±3 dB), Hz 18 – 120
Frequency range (-10 dB), Hz 16 – 140
Max continuous SPL, dB 134
Sensitivity (1W/1m, half-space), dB 101
Low frequency woofer 24-inch (4,5-inch voice coil) ridged glass-fiber reinforced cone
Nominal impedance, Ohm 4 / 8
Power rating, W 2000
Connectors Banana terminal
Dimension (W x H x D), mm 1700 x 1460 х 600
Net weight, kg 207