M15 – new set of screen speakers

MAG Theatron M15 Cover

The MAG Theatron brand represents the pinnacle of our professional cinema experience, encompassing the outfitting of over 5,000 movie theaters worldwide. It has enabled transferring commercial-grade technologies, power, energy, expressiveness, and immersive experiences from the world’s best cinemas into home interiors.

MAG Theatron M15-R front

Our engineers have tirelessly worked on enhancing and expanding our product range. Today we are proud and pleased to introduce the culmination of their efforts — the new flagship of the Performance Series — the 3-way screen system MAG Theatron M15.

More precisely, it’s a set of matching loudspeakers, consisting of three models: M15-C, M15-L, and M15-R. The use of an asymmetrical design in the latter two allows for precise sound positioning in the listening area without the need to angle the cabinet, simplifying installation and reducing the depth required for speaker placement behind the screen.

The acoustic system comprises a 15-inch LF woofer, a 6.5-inch MF driver, and a 1″ HF driver. Each speaker has been meticulously designed specifically for this system. The bass woofer features a long-excursion, high-mass cellulose cone based on a unique pulp, a 4-inch coil, and demodulation rings. The magnetic system is modeled and optimized in FEMM. The MF driver boasts an ultra-light diaphragm and an efficient magnetic system for maximum micro dynamics and clarity in dialogues. The HF driver, with a titanium diaphragm, ensures high resolution and a broad frequency range.

MAG POLYCOMP – hybrid anti-resonance technology

The speaker’s composite cabinet is crafted using our unique hybrid anti-resonance technology – Polycomp, utilizing plywood, MDF, and polyurethane. The asymmetrical horns are precision-cast with seamlessly penetrating to plywood fibers for providing the rigidity of the structure. This integration achieves the desired high geometric precision and monolithic integrity of the front panel. The combination of materials of varying densities further damps vibrations.

M15 midrange phase plug

To focus the midrange direction most effectively plus enhance system efficiency, a phase plug is employed. The cabinet’s vented port not only extends the low-frequency response but also features a special design that minimizes airflow towards the front, facilitating installation by eliminating screen flutter. Recesses on the sides of the HF horn complete the design ensemble and reduce the impact of sound wave reflections off the back screen surface.

MAG Theatron M15 The flat hidden bass reflex port

The MAG Theatron M15-L/C/R trio stands as a brilliant peak in the Performance model lineup, continuing our unique tradition of conquering the world of home cinemas. It combines a brutal exterior, professional reliability, advanced technology, and sound quality. Unlike most polished and subtle home audio systems, the 46-kilogram horn-loaded behemoths of the M15 series can truly immerse you in the vibe of a real large cinema. It’s certainly providing explosive energy, detail, and professional headroom, allowing you to physically feel every nuance of cinematic action with a maximum long-term SPL of 126 dB (for each cabinet).

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MAG Theatron HAMMER-15

MAG Cinema Hammer-15 Cover Black

The dramatic importance of the subwoofer in a cinematic environment is something that absolutely should not be underestimated. Unlike listening to music, where infra-low frequencies are rare, cinematic special effects literally require the air to be shaken to physically reach the movie patrons, taking the scale of the overall spectacle right off the screen.

For the deepest immersion in the sub and infra range, MAG Cinema designed its legendary THOR, which has become a practically unattainable standard for reproducing low-frequency cinematic effects up to 18 Hz offering unparalleled sound pressure. However, despite the undoubted advantages, the dimensions of the MAG THOR are not always suitable for home theater formats. Because of the need for solutions that are more adaptable to home conditions, we conducted research that offers home theater enthusiasts the same incredible experience in a more compact space. Our quest led us to the creation of the monumental model THOR-H, about which we will tell you more later, and the family of THOR’s younger brothers, the little monsters of the home theater, the MAG Theatron Hammer line.

Hammer-15 front

MAG’s Hammer-15 has uniquely shaped housing. With a capacity of 200 liters and a depth of only 12 inches, this subwoofer ensures a slick installation, even behind the screen. The Hammer-15 features a custom-designed, professional 15-inch woofer that delivers extremely high sound pressure levels with minimal distortion at the lowest frequencies.

The lightweight yet rigid multi-layer speaker cone provides the highest level of performance. A 4″ high-temperature voice coil ensures minimal dynamic compression. The Nd-Ferrite hybrid magnet system including aluminum closed rings is used to stabilize the inductance and minimize distortion.

The slim-depth body of the Hammer-15 subwoofer truly offers flexible installation options. Internal struts significantly increase the rigidity of the box and eliminate the risk of unpleasant resonances. The large-area bass-reflex port prevents turbulence noise, even at maximum SPL output levels.

The technical characteristics are particularly promising. With a power of 1000 W and a max SPL of 124 dB, the MAG Hammer can deliver what most subwoofers in its class cannot. At a frequency of 20 Hz, the SPL level is 119 dB. This means that the specified range from 18 Hz is not a formality (as is often the case with other manufacturers) but is also reproducible and with a high sound pressure level. This could be the deciding factor for those who want to hear everything exactly as it was intended when mixing the soundtracks of top blockbusters in Hollywood studios.

The MAG Theatron Hammer-15 is already available for shipping, which means that you can incorporate this subwoofer into your upcoming projects to start enjoying its top-notch performance very soon. 

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